Weekend DIY project: labeled pantry jars

Weekend DIY project: labeled pantry jars

I love weekend DIY projects, don’t you? It’s the tasks that you push to the side week after week, hoping that one day you’ll accomplish the little projects that bring joy and simplicity to your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

My sister-in-law, Kristen, gave me these spice jars about a month ago when I was visiting Florida. She had some jars leftover after she had done a similar project, and she had all her spice jars perfectly aligned on her kitchen window sill. Well, I was super excited to do a similar project and what do you know—the jars sat in a box next to my fridge for about a month and a half. Well, I finally put those jars to use this past weekend, and bought some more mason jars to store my favorite pantry staples: quinoa, chia seeds, steel-cut oats and more!

DIY project: labeled pantry & spice jars

This project is super simple and easy and will leave your spice rack and pantry organized and clean!

Weekend DIY project: labeled pantry jars


  • Chalkboard stickers from Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, sizes & shapes vary. (I got a three pack of stickers with black circles and other shapes. I couldn’t find any stickers with just the circle stickers seen above. I also bought two packs of the bigger stickers shown on the mason jars.)
  • Chalkboard pen or Galaxy white pen
  • Spice jars and mason jars (sizes vary). If you can’t find the spice jars at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, here are some on Amazon. I bought the large and medium size mason jars for my pantry staples.


Spice jars: Write on the chalkboard sticker BEFORE your place it on the jar. I found it easier to write that way. I used a small funnel to transfer the spices to their new jars because otherwise you could have a big mess on your hands. Place the sticker directly in the middle of the silver cap. Done!

P.S. – I have a plethora of spices and many of them came in really nice jars, so I decided to keep them in those. But the spices in plastic containers had to go!

Pantry jars: This one requires the same instructions as the spice jars! You’ll only need the small funnels for items like seeds.

Eventually, I plan to do my whole pantry, especially all my baking staples! I think it’ll make it so much easier to pull out for recipes and properly measure ingredients.

Have you done a similar DIY home project? I’d love to know in the comments below. Have a great week everyone!



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