Travel Diaries: British Virgin Islands | Part Two

Travel Diaries: British Virgin Islands | Part two

Welcome to part two of my travel diary in the British Virgin Islands! It’s been about two weeks since we sailed the islands, and the memories of our time there are truly engrained in my mind. It’s hard to forget the turquoise water and the dreamy tropical landscape.

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Picking up where we left off, day four was definitely my favorite part of the trip. Early in the morning, we sailed to the island of Anegada. This island is one of the BVI’s best-kept secrets.

Anegada is the second largest island in the BVIs and is the only flat island. All the other islands have a mountainous landscape, but Anegada is a flat piece of land dotted with coconut trees and stretches for about 15 miles. And the coolest part about this island? It’s sparsely populated and only about 285 people live there year round. Talk about the ultimate privacy!

Travel Diaries: British Virgin Islands | Part two
Stunning waters at Anegada Reef Hotel dock

It is almost hard for me to describe this place to you. The water was SO blue and would appear in different shades as we made our way to shore. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking, but little did we know where Captain Teddy would take us next! Teddy planned to take us around the island and explore the best beaches.

Travel Diaries: British Virgin Islands | Part two
Near Anegada reef hotel

Our first stop was Loblolly Beach, and it was just amazing. We all couldn’t get over how blue the ocean was an how the vegetation was so vibrant and lush. We dozed off on the quiet beach for awhile and then made our way to a quaint bar off shore for some delicious bushwhackers.

Travel Diaries: British Virgin Islands | Part two
Loblolly Beach in Anegada, BVI
Loblolly Beach in Anegada, BVI

Our next pit-stop was the Anegada Beach Club. We had the same spectacular views, but in a more sophisticated setting. This beach club was a private resort, but had a small wraparound bar near the ocean with comfy, chic setting for a much-need afternoon siesta. And that’s exactly what we did, well three of us anyway!

Anegada Beach Club


Cow Wreck Beach

Late afternoon, we made our last stop at Cow Wreck Beach. The beach has an interesting backstory, and I suggest you look into it. The name will make more sense after! Large conch shells lined the outside of the restaurant looking out into the ocean. In fact, there was such an overpopulation of conch shells there that they were mainly used for decoration. We also helped ourselves to more than a few orders of conch and lobster fritters at the Cow Wreck Beach Bar! So, so good.

After a long day, we headed back to the boat to change before we came back for our decadent lobster dinner! Toes in the sand, twinkling lights and fresh steamed lobster from the sea…this night couldn’t get much better. Stay tuned for a full photo diary of Anegada!

The dock minutes before the sun began to set

With only two days left on our trip, Captain Teddy made sure to keep surprising us with the islands’ wonderful treasures. We sailed on to The Baths, a beach area on the island of Virgin Gorda. Magnificent large boulders hugged the shore among the crystal clear waters. It was a perfect day for sunbathing and snorkeling.

The Baths is a well-known area in the British Virgin Islands, mainly for its secret underneath the big rocks. A trail leads under the rocks to clear blue pools of water. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to visit this area, but Captain Teddy took us on a more adventurous experience. My brother, his wife, my boyfriend and I, including Teddy, climbed the massive boulders to jump off the edge of a cliff. It was definitely a scary experience for me, and I definitely faced my fear of heights. Once we got to the edge, we jumped 10 feet below, surrounded by beautiful coral. It was one of the most adventurous things I have ever done!

We spent the rest of the day hanging out in Cane Garden Bay, which is in West Tortola. My mom and I went kayaking, and everyone else chilled on the boat. We were so worn out from climbing those huge rocks!

Cane Garden Bay, West Tortola
Sunset at Cane Garden Bay


Our last day in the BVIs was bittersweet! Early in the morning, we sailed to Jost Van Dyke to hang out at a couple famous places—Soggy Dollar Bar and Foxy’s. We spent the morning attempting to paddle board (haha!) and relax in the gorgeous water. Around lunchtime, we headed over to the Soggy Dollar to have one of their notorious pain killers. In fact, the first painkiller was invented here!

Captain Teddy recommended that we eat his favorite lobster quesadillas at One Love restaurant just down the shore. And man, was he right! There was more lobster in the tortillas then cheese. So, so yummy.

Jost Van Dyke
Jost Van Dyke

Paddleboarding in Jost Van Dyke

We spent the rest of the day hanging out at Foxy’s bar. Foxy’s has an awesome gift shop with cool tees, tanks and hats. I bought a few colorful tanks for yoga back at home. That night, we watched the sunset as we ate our last supper on the boat. We had such an amazing time and created so many great memories to reminisce on until we come back!


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When you go on vacation, a lot of times you return saying, “I’d definitely do this different next time.” While the trip itself was pretty much perfect, here’s what I learned during our vacation.

Pack lighter. Even though I didn’t necessarily overpack, I could have packed less items. I brought around three swimsuits with an array of tops, which was smart. But since I bought some t-shirts and tanks on our trip, I ended up wearing those instead of the things I packed. Also, I will shrink the amount of face and makeup products I bring. No need to bring hairspray, bronzer or a blow dryer.

-Keep items secure. When you’re living on a boat for six days, things are bound to get misplaced or worse—blown off the boat. When we went snorkeling one of the first days of our trip, I left my new Swell water bottle on the table outside. Upon returning, the bottle was gone! A big gust of wind blew it off the boat. Make sure to keep your items stowed away while you’re out exploring.

-Lather on the sunscreen. I’m talking all day long. Down in the islands, the sun is brutal and you can get a sunburn on the cloudiest of days. We went snorkeling one day for about 30 minutes, and I returned with an awful sunburn on my back.

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