Travel diaries: British Virgin Islands | Part one

Travel diaries: British Virgin Islands | Part one


I can sum up this trip in two words: Absolutely breathtaking. Every day was an adventure, and we truly embraced the boating lifestyle for six full days. By the end of the week, I almost could imagine myself quitting my job, selling everything and starting a new life in the islands. The island vibes are that contagious. I can see why someone who lives in the states would give up their two cars, a big house and a corporate job in suburbia for this life.

This family vacation exceeded my expectations entirely and put us all over the map in the BVIs. Sailing to different islands every day on a Catamaran with a captain and a chef was by far the best decision my parents could have made. Major kudos to them!

I’m so excited to share my travel recap with everyone! I had to split the diary into two parts because I have so many pictures and well, great memories, to share. I’ll have a more in-depth photo diary coming soon about the beautiful island of Anegada.

Also, I’d highly recommend you listen to my brother’s BVI party Spotify playlist while you read! Just search for “Bvi party.” 🙂

Last Saturday afternoon, we flew into St. Thomas and a taxi dropped us off at the Red Hook Marina. We found the Catamaran “Windscape” we booked for the next six days! Our captain, Teddy, and chef, Kristen a.k.a. “Berg,” gave us a warm welcome. I think what surprised me most throughout the trip was how much we enjoyed Teddy and Berg’s company. They were so welcoming, and we even had some serious bond sessions! I’d definitely recommend them if you plan on chartering a boat in the BVIs. #Windscapealltheway

Before departing, my family and I ate an incredible dinner at Havana Blue on St. Thomas. Imagine roasted tomato bisque, grilled mahi-mahi with cream risotto and tasty house margaritas. With the restaurant being open-air and adorned with white linen curtains, it’s the perfect backdrop for an island getaway.

Travel diaries: British Virgin Islands | Part one

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Early the next morning, the Windscape set sail for Norman Island! We only sailed about one to two hours each day, which gave us plenty of time to relax. I was already so mesmerized by the turquoise water and the mountainous islands that stretched for miles. Of course, living in the South, I’ve been used to brackish water filled with seaweed my entire life.

Our main destination that day was sailing to Norman Island to hang out and party at Willy T’s, a famous boat bar visited by people all over the world. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun. Remember, an island drink pour is different than an American pour. But be sure to try their rum punch! You’ve been warned.

Travel diaries: British Virgin Islands | Part one

All of us were pretty worn out from a crazy night at Willy T’s, so we spent the next day soaking up some sun and snorkeling near Cooper Island. We snorkeled near one of the island’s coral reefs and saw so many beautiful fish! The scenery below the boat was just as gorgeous as the sunsets.

Other than its great snorkeling spots, Cooper Island is pretty low-key and offers some private bungalows tucked behind the gorgeous palm trees. After dinner, we all headed to a quiet bar on the island for drinks. Ashton ordered this Jalapeño cilantro cocktail that was ridiculously spicy! We still don’t know how he choked down that thing.


Travel diaries: British Virgin Islands | Part one
Kristen, my sister-in-law, and I hanging out on Cooper Island.

Before we sailed to one of the bigger islands, Virgin Gorda, Captain Teddy made a pit stop at The Dogs Islands. Teddy knew all these great snorkeling spots throughout the islands! We snorkeled near the shore for a while and then ate lunch. It was a serene spot with minimal activity, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves that morning!

Anchored at The Dogs. Can you tell I got sunburnt from snorkeling yesterday?
The turquoise water at The Dogs.
A mini beach at The Dogs.



Virgin Gorda topped the list as one of my favorite islands during the trip. (Little did I know what treasures we would find on Anegada!) When we sailed in, boats surrounded the north side of the island and triangle huts appeared with lush vegetation. We explored the north side of the island, stopped in a few really cute boutiques and drank some painkillers, of course.

Side Note: Pack light if you sail in the BVIs! They have so many cute boutiques and stylish tourist shirts. It’s not your typical cheesy tourist t-shirts and hats.

After walking around the main part of Virgin Gorda, we hopped into our dinghy toward Saba Rock. Saba Rock is a restaurant/bar basically located on a tiny island. No joke. It has amazing 360 views. Also, Captain Teddy told us to check out the daily tarpon feeding as well. But the real treat was on the backside of Saba Rock, where a deck with plush couches gave a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean.

When we ventured back to the boat, Chef “Berg” greeted us with a traditional Tahitian dish that blew us away. After all those sweet drinks, we were craving a light supper. She fixed us ahi tuna with sautéed peppers and onions bathed in a citrus sauce and a side of coconut rice. Meanwhile, we enjoyed a stunning sunset. The day couldn’t have been any better.


The island of Virgin Gorda.
Ashton & I in the first picture; my brother, Stephen, and his wife, Kristen, in the second photo. The lush vegetation just kept on giving!
The small island of Saba Rock. Check out that seaplane!
The deck on Saba Rock had unbelievable views of the Atlantic Ocean.
Traditional Tahitian dish for dinner
Sunsets for days.

This is where I’ll leave you today! I hope you enjoyed our BVIs adventure so far. Stay tuned for part two early next week. We sailed to the island of Anegada, West Tortola and Jost Van Dyke!

Happy Travels!



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