Top 5 pieces from Cabi’s 2017 spring collection

Top 5 pieces from the Cabi 2017 spring collection

Cabi debuted its 2017 spring collection a few weeks ago, and it’s my favorite spring collection so far! Neutrals and stripes take center stage in this line, and there are so many beautiful prints. The collection bears the famous French phrase, “Je ne sais qoui” and is inspired by the French Riviera. So basically, there is something super special about this collection that has you saying, “I just don’t know what it is about it,” but you’ll know it when you see it.

Since last fall, Cabi’s collections have become more cohesive, and they have great basics that pair back to your wardrobe. When I went home to help my mom unpack the collection (she’s a Cabi stylist), my wishlist was a mile long. How can it not be? Cabi’s clothes are so stinking cute and pair well with many other pieces in my closet! I’m also a navy fanatic, so that didn’t help either.

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Even though my wishlist is still growing, here are some of my favorite pieces from the spring collection:

Bistro Tee

Top 5 pieces from the Cabi 2017 spring collection

This classic black and white striped tee is a wardrobe staple! I just received this one, along with a couple other pieces, in the mail last week. The fabric is beautiful and feels like butter. The fit is also slightly oversized, so you could even size down in this tee. I love buying basics that I can wear from season to season.

Matinee Top

Top 5 pieces from the Cabi 2017 spring collection

When I first laid eyes on this top, I was smitten. I adore the subtle floral print and hues of gray, green and peach. The top almost resembles a beautiful painting, don’t you think? This blouse is ideal for my wardrobe for two reasons: flowy and transitional. It’s a lightweight top with long sleeves, but you are able to roll them up on warmer days. It’s also long and a bit oversized, but not boxy. It looks adorable paired with white skinny crops and sandals for spring. Right now, I’m wearing it with my work trousers and a cardigan or dark skinny jeans and booties.

Dame Skirt

Top 5 pieces from the Cabi 2017 spring collection

I struggle with finding skirts that fit my body shape. I’ve been dealing with this my whole life! I’m naturally pear-shaped, so if it fits one part of my body, it’s sagging in another. But, Cabi makes clothes for real women of all shapes and sizes! The Dame Skirt is A-lined and comes in a gorgeous fabric. I felt so sophisticated wearing it to work the other day. I paired it with a printed blouse, cardigan and statement heels. So if you’re looking for the perfect work skirt, this is definitely a win.


Top 5 pieces from the Cabi 2017 spring collection

The spring’s playsuit could act as PJs on a weekend trip. No kidding, this jumpsuit is so soft and comfortable. Playsuits are my go-to look for weekends when I don’t feel like putting in a lot of effort, but still want to look cute! The playsuit is adorable with flats or sandals and it gives you a chance to get creative with accessories.

OK, but let’s be honest, the only downside to jumpsuits is going to the bathroom. I mean, who likes getting naked in a public restroom stall? It’s just plain uncomfortable. But this jumpsuit fixes that problem. At first glance, the playsuit looks normal, but it actually splits open in the back between the top and pants. It’s sewn together in the front. So going to the bathroom is no problem at all! I love how innovative Cabi is and fixes all of your fashion mishaps.


Riviera Necklace

Top 5 pieces from the Cabi 2017 spring collection

Cabi has stunning jewelry in every collection, and this spring, it was no different. The gold, navy and red jewelry goes with the collection so well. I’m a fan of gold jewelry, so it was love at first sight for me with the Riviera Necklace. The necklace also comes apart and can make a shorter necklace and two bracelets. So basically, you’re getting four different pieces!


I’ve been Cabi obsessed for about three years now. They make stunning clothes that will last a lifetime, and they help empower women around the world. What’s not to love? If you want to discover more about Cabi, click here. To see the rest of the spring 2017 collection, click here!

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