Style tips: How to wear shoes with certain pants

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You’re skimming through your closet attempting to find the perfect outfit for tonight’s occasion. You end up slipping on a pair of stylish track pants and a flowy tee with a statement necklace. Only your feet are still bare and your daintily manicured toes are just waiting for a flawless pair of shoes. But the light bulb just doesn’t go on for you.

You end up wearing something different because you didn’t have the right shoes to pull it all together. And then you’re running late for tonight’s soiree.

Have you ever felt like this? If you haven’t, well you’re lucky and I salute you. Pants come in all shape and sizes, along with different hemlines, hem width and other features. And when shoes come into the mix, it can all seem overwhelming.

So here’s a helpful guide to shoes & pants that marry well together.


These soft, comfortable pants with a relaxed fit are great for running around or dressing them up for going out to eat. The cinched ankle on these pants makes your footwear very versatile. Below, the pants (one black and one patterned) are paired with “half” mules, pumps and loafers or flats. Now keep this in mind, these are not the mules that were popular back in 1999. If you have a pair of those, please burn them. I’m kidding, but it’s time to transition to the modern mules! These are considered “half” mules because there is a strap on the back of the shoe.
  • Black track pants | Cabi (Fall 2015 collection)
  • Pattern track jumpsuit | Cabi
  • Snakeskin “half” mules | Very Volatile by Los Angeles (Selphi in Hattiesburg)
  • Black pumps | Urban Outfitters
  • Cap toe loafers | Sam Edelman
  • Nude pumps | DSW
  • Tan “half” mules | Selphi in Hattiesburg


While skinny jeans are go-to casual pants for many women, I often find that I wear the same types of shoes with them. Here the jeans (colored and classic blue) are paired with “half” mules, flat booties, pumps and booties with a heel. If you look closer at the maroon pants, they are cuffed so you can see a sliver of skin between the mules and the pants. It gives the outfit a more polished look. The same goes for the cuff on the blue jeans paired with the yellow pumps.
  • Maroon jeans | Cabi
  • Blue jeans | Urban Outfitters
  • Flat booties | Lucky Brand
  • Yellow pumps | Urban Outfitters
  • Booties | DSW


Cigarette pants are a great, versatile addition to any closet and have a perfect hemline for heels and flats. Here they are married with sleek pumps and flats or loafers.
  • Cigarette pants | Cabi (Fall 2015 collection)
  • Black patent pumps | Nine West
  • Metallic flats | Steve Madden


If you are a trousers fan, you are not forgotten! Although these pants are wide-legged and can be long, they pair easily with pumps and flats for a sophisticated work look.
  • Trousers | Ann Taylor Loft
  • Nude flats | Target


Hello, weekend! Boyfriend jeans create an effortless look, but pairing shoes with them can be tricky. But when they are worn with mules or flat booties, it adds an extra touch of chicness. They also look great with pumps (open-toe or closed).

Looking for ways to style boyfriend jeans? Check out my post on how to wear them three ways.
  • Boyfriend jeans | Cabi
  • Flat booties | Gianni Bini

The thing I love about shoes is they always fit. They pretty much are the backbone of your wardrobe, especially if you invest in good pairs of shoes! I hope you found this post helpful for next time you get dressed and are unsure about what shoes to wear. No longer will it be a struggle to dash out the door!

Do you have any other style suggestions for what shoes to wear with certain types of pants? Leave your comments below! Make sure to follow me and share on your social media sites. Happy Monday everyone!




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