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The past week has been crazy in the newsroom with primary elections and breaking news. That’s why I’m glad I planned my outfits ahead of time so there would be no “fashion crises” before heading to work.

This workweek, I mixed new pieces with old. My mom and her sister are now stylists for the Cabi clothing line. She receives great discounts for being a company consultant, so she bought me some past season items at 65 percent off! Boy was I pumped about that.

I was so excited that I had to wear most of the pieces right away. I am not one of those people that buys or receives new things and keeps the tags on them as they collect dust in the back of my closet. If you do this, break the habit! Your clothes deserve to be worn and adored. 

Hope you enjoy my fashion picks for this week!


The conversation starter: This beautiful printed blouse from Cabi is definitely an eye-catching piece. I also have this blouse in white and it’s tailored perfectly to the body,  no matter if one is tall, petite or curvy. I pulled on the navy trousers for some interest and finished it off with neutral tones.


The new statement piece: My mom bought me this amazing necklace that goes with so many different colors! Since it is so bold, I kept it minimal with my favorite button-down and denim leggings.

Detail of this gorgeous statement necklace from Cabi.


The printed skirt: This skirt is also from Cabi and is from the spring collection a couple of seasons ago. Since the prints are so bright and energetic, I stuck with neutral tones to let the fabric stand out. I added the belt for an extra feminine touch and cinched it at the smallest part of my waist for an extra flattering look.

Saturday (Yes, I still work weekends!) 

Just to catch everyone up, I wrote in my previous Style Board post that I temporarily work three days during the week and two on the weekends. So on Saturday and Sunday, I dress very casual. But still put-together! 🙂 On the plus side, Saturday is essentially my “Monday,” so I’m dressed pretty comfy to start the workweek.

This chiffon button-down is the same one I wore Tuesday, but in tan. This button-down is so versatile and goes with so many things in my closet (I have about six colors so far). And even though it’s 100 degrees right now in Mississippi, I always bring a comfy cardigan to wrap myself in. The newsroom tends to dip to arctic temperatures.

Detail of the necklace.


I bought this slouchy tee while I was home on my days off (Thursday and Friday) at Pacsun and it is the perfect go-to piece when I don’t want to think about what to wear. And it’s insanely soft! I adore the slouchy boyfriend jean so I went with the “put-together lazy look.”

Style lesson #2: Don’t be afraid to make a statement. One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is create new looks from my closet. But, sometimes I get into a rut because I’m wearing the same thing over and over again. And now I know why—I need to spice things up and make my looks more interesting! I learned I can do this by adding a few new statement pieces OR buy a classic piece to pull the look together. For this week, my three new statement pieces really transformed these workweek outfits.

What was your favorite look this week? Pin this post or share on social media with your friends! Stay tuned for next week’s work outfits.




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