Monday Inspo: Christmas is a time for celebration, renewal


Today, I believe the true meaning of Christmas is somewhat diluted. And my motivation for this dreary Monday is to open our eyes to the real meaning and not be swayed by the world’s patterns.

Christmas has become a season of who can get the best deals, a season of overindulgence and a season that runs people to the point of exhaustion.

But wait, where did Jesus go? 

Let us not forget the true meaning of advent season. Our society skirts around the real meaning Christmas, without a doubt.


We, or the coffee barista, mutter “Happy Holidays” because we are afraid we will offend someone if we say “Merry Christmas and God Bless You.”

Just like our holiday decorations, we wrap baby Jesus in cellophane and put him in a box until next year.

While everyone is running around buying gifts and saying yes to every holiday party, let’s rest in the quietness of a special season. Remember why we celebrate Dec. 25, not for the gifts or even the presence of family members. It’s Jesus. The birth of God’s son. When someone says “Happy Holidays,” kindly reply, “Merry Christmas.” For these wouldn’t be holidays at all without the birth of Immanuel (“God with us”). Christmastime, or the holidays, as a lot of people prefer to call it, hasn’t evolved. It’s been the same since Jesus’ birth, and it’s an event that changed the course of history.

So what is the true meaning of Christmas? It’s about the humble man who came to overcome the world and forgive us for our sins that we commit every day. How many of us stop and think how incredible that is?


When I began to really think about the true meaning of the season, I came to the conclusion that this is a time for rejuvenation and wellness for the soul.

Stop stressing about the to-do list and what you have to do in the next few weeks or even in the next few hours. Christmas is a time for reflection and remembrance on not just our own lives, but for Jesus’ fleeting life as well. And it was all for us.  He died for us. And since his resurrection, mankind no longer has to fear sin and death. Jesus’ birth reminds us that this can also be a time for us to be born again. It gives us a sense of hope and renewal in our lives that we don’t have to be bound by our struggles, temptations and fears.


So decorate your tree with ornaments and twinkling lights. Place your manger scene in a special place. And fill the room with aromas of fir, evergreen, berry and sugar cookies. Invite others into your home and share memories and a hopeful future. Wake up in the stillness of the morning and spend time with God. But relish the present and enjoy every minute of it.

Sit and reflect on how wonderful God’s love is. When I think about such things, it brings immense joy to my life. A joy that could never be filled with wealth, possessions or even the most respected social status.

I am no preacher, but I’m a messenger and a child of God. I encourage you to spend time in God’s word this season (especially the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) and hit the reset button on life.

And even though this is the season of Jesus, we can celebrate that season all year long.

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  • linda kimmel

    December 5, 2016

    Amen! Well thought out and stated as usual. Merry Christmas and the peace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you and yours.

  • Kendra

    December 9, 2016

    I have been reflecting on this same thing, everyone seems to be consumed by the “getting” side of the holidays without remembering why we gather together in the first place. This is my goal this year to keep my eyes fixed on Him. Thank you for sharing!

  • Ursula

    February 3, 2017

    I enjoyed reading your reflection about Jesus and the Holiday season…seem like each year have to fight culture version versus the True Meaning of Christmas! I have a son and I used gentle reminders to count our blessings (not presents) for Christmas and Baby Jesus!



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