Monday Inspo: Being mindful about holiday excess

Monday inspo: Being mindful about holiday excess

Here’s my dose of inspiration for #motivationMonday: Be mindful of holiday excess. Don’t get me wrong, the months of November and December are my favorite time of the year. I love the cold weather, fall outfits and the abundance of food and gifts.

But just picture this: We gluttons stuff our faces with food and feel absolutely miserable afterward and head to the couch for some football. The next day, we make our way to the mall with the masses to buy Christmas presents and things we probably don’t need. It’s a common Thanksgiving tradition, right?

True. But a bit excessive sometimes, don’t you think? This Thanksgiving, I’m taking a different approach. I’m thankful for a strong, healthy body, and to honor that, I’m going to be more mindful and intentional about what I’m putting into my body. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love to splurge, and I will have a piece of delicious pumpkin pie. But piling food on my plate until I can no longer move? I’ll just take some leftovers home instead, please!

My thought process: Why pull another freshman 15 during the holidays? We deserve a break and a treat (or two), but what’s the point of going overboard? The satisfaction we feel is so short-lived. In the New Year, we can focus on more personal goals than just joining a gym and shedding 15 pounds.

Ya’ll, it’s possible to have a balanced lifestyle during the holidays, and we don’t have to continue the same pattern over and over again.

I’m going to challenge myself to enjoy and savor every bite on Turkey Day, but to put the fork down when I’m satisfied, not imeasurably full.

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In fact, I think this common phenonmenon called “stuffing ourselves” also goes hand-in-hand with just general holiday excess. If we’re not careful, it’s easy to become excessive, stressed and even broke during this time. It’s such an exciting two months for many of us yet we become overwhelmed by the whole process time and time again. And it’s difficult to resist the holiday candles and decorations, sweet treats and the many gifts to buy for friends and family.

But the holidays aren’t really about any of those things. They bring enjoyment and satisfaction for a short time, but that’s about it. When we get caught up in the hype of what the holidays are about, it’s hard to see what’s really important.

I belive it’s about spending time with loved ones and creating new memories. It’s sitting around a campfire with hot cocoa or a glass of wine and having great conversation. It’s decorating a Christmas tree together and baking cookies. It’s more about memories, and not so much about the gifts. We don’t have to drown in excess this time of the year. Just remember: “Everything in moderation.”

How do you stay balanced during the holidays?




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