Life catch-up + what I learned in 2017

Life catch-up + what I learned in 2017

Hello friends! After a 3-month hiatus from the blog, I’m back! At the end of September, I realized I really needed to focus on my job, and spend some time reflecting on where I wanted to take the blog.

But since it’s a new year (2018!), it’s time to began again. I still have a crazy passion about the one thing I’m always trying to obtain: everyday balance. Not feeling rushed. Slowing down and enjoying every day life. Appreciating life’s simple pleasures like cooking a delicious, healthy meal and going to a yoga class to ease my mind. Feeling content where I am at this moment and time and not always worrying what will happen next.

That’s why I stared Down-Home Damsel in the first place! It was to help myself (and others) achieve this kind of good life. There are so many things that plead for our attention, and I believe a lot of it is not the best parts of life. And for awhile there after my big move, I think I lost that sense of balance. But I’m on my way back. I can feel something great on the horizon, (don’t you ever get that feeling)?!

As for the blog, I want to be more open and honest about the kind of content I’m sharing. Is it helpful to someone? Is it encouraging? And does it put a smile on someone’s face, on a day when they need it most?

I’ve realized a lot of things over the past year, and it’s amazing how you think you have things figured out & then you face new, unknown obstacles and everything changes! I hope it gives you some insight for the new year & motivates you physically, mentally and even spiritually.

So here we go! Things I learned in 2017…

Moving to a new city isn’t going to fix all my problems.

I thought moving away from my college town to a new city would be the “fix” to my happiness. But with a big move comes new challenges. And although I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything, it’s been eye-opening for me! I’m constantly reminded to be happy where I am, no matter the circumstances.

Worry doesn’t add a single hour to life. It just steals joy.

Oh boy, don’t I need sticky notes all around my apartment with these words. How many times do I need to be reminded? Every freaking day. I’ve learned that more than 90% of what I worry about will never happen or are things I can’t change. I’ve had to let go of my constant need for control in my life, and just go with the flow! And if I can do something about it, I can confront the issue head-on, not “gnaw” on it until I lose my mind. This year, I choose joy over the negativity that worry brings. So, worry: you aren’t allowed to sit at my table.

Take care of myself & bless others. 

Eat better (eat more greens!), even when I don’t feel like it. I now think of ways I can nourish yourself throughout the week, like going to an exercise class or taking a hot bath. When I feel good about myself, I believe I have more energy to bless others who need encouragement. The focus shouldn’t be all “me,” but self-care should be priority!

Stop trying to please others & focus on what I can do.

I learned something so freeing late last year: I have nothing to prove. I can stop trying to please people & live my life! Of course, I believe I have to work hard, do my best & have humility in whatever I do. But Jesus is enough in my life, so I don’t have to be. He carries my burdens, so I don’t have to. He died so I could live a free life. I encourage you to check out the book, “Nothing To Prove” by Jennie Allen. (Life-changing!)

More money doesn’t equal contentment.

When a lot of us receive more money, I think it’s a natural reaction sometimes to think about all the things we could do with it, and potentially how it could make us happier. I know I fight this urge. But over time, the excitement wears off (just like buying new things), and sometimes I begin to look for the next best thing. Or think I need more money. I’ve learned to enjoy what I have & be happy where I am, no matter what dollar sign amount is in my bank account.

Say yes to new opportunities.

This is easier said than done. You know how long it took me to go to a 4-week program at my church to learn how to serve other people? A whole month! Since I procrastinated, I said “no” many times to a new opportunity. Why didn’t I just go?! I would have been done  by now. Don’t hesitate to try something new, especially when it’s out of your comfort zone!

I hope some of the things I learned in 2017 inspired you for this year. I look forward to sharing content that reflects the balance I strive for every day. Thanks for reading, everyone!








  • Audrey Kimmel

    January 17, 2018

    This blog certainly blessed my life today. I am glad you are writing again. The lessons and things you are learning apply at any age and I need to take a number of these to heart myself. Much love from your grandmother.

    • Kathryn

      January 23, 2018

      Thank you so much! 🙂


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