How to dress for holiday parties


Christmas is right around the corner and the holiday parties are in full swing for most of us! Whether it be an office party with your crazy coworkers or an elegant soirée, dressing for the occasion is an absolute must.

And while you’re chatting it up with your neighbors or friends, (a glass of wine in one hand and a mouthful of Brie in the other) you’re celebrating the best time of the year in impeccable style.

When choosing looks for holiday parties, two things come to my mind: being comfortable and wearing classic looks with modern twists.

Office Christmas party >>

Jumpsuits are classic and are flattering on almost any body type. I found this one half-price at my favorite boutique in Hattiesburg. It was a steal! With the fleather jacket, it’s a cross between professional, yet modern and so chic! And since I decided to go for an all-black ensemble, daring shoes is a must mixed with metallic elements.










The look: 

  • Jumpsuit | Lush brand from Fetiche in Hattiesburg
  • Owens jacket | Cabi 2013 fall collection
  • Pendant necklace | Ann Taylor Loft
  • Pumps | Aldo
  • Watch | Kate Spade
  • Clutch | Marc by Marc Jacobs
  • Sunglasses | Urban Outfitters


Neighborhood/family party >>

This look is keepin’ things casual with thick black leggings and warm layers. I love the simplicity of this outfit, but once you get to the bag and shoes, it’s a game-changing outfit that adds fun details to the look. It’s a cozy, yet fashionable way to spread some cheer with your best buds.










The look:

  • Waverly poncho | Cabi 2015 fall collection
  • Layering tee | Ann Taylor Loft
  • Noveau legging | Cabi 2015 fall collection
  • Necklace | Selphi boutique in Hattiesburg
  • Shoes | Very Volatile, Selphi boutique in Hattiesburg
  • Fringe purse | H&M


Swanky soirée >>

One of the reasons I love Christmastime so dearly is because we have an excuse to dress elegantly and take on the evening ahead. With a crimson holiday dress and a versatile scarf, this is a look that can take you to the finest party in town or a crisp night for holiday-light seeing.

IMG_8794 | This scarf can be worn two ways: as an infinity scarf or as a cozy shawl. It’s beautiful either way.











The look:

  • Dress | Urban Outfitters
  • Scarf | Cabi 2015 fall collection
  • Tights | Target
  • Bracelet | Cabi 2015 fall collection
  • Pumps | Nine West


What will you be wearing to your favorite annual holiday parties? Let me know in the comments below! Hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to follow me and share on your social media sites. Thanks for reading everyone.





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