How to create a wardrobe with great basics | Part 3

How to create a wardrobe with great basics | Part 3
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Today, it’s all about discovering your personal style. So far, we’ve covered how to begin your wardrobe basics journey and how to match your wardrobe to your current lifestyle. Make sure to catch up by reading parts one and two. Because personal style is a big talking point, I’m going to to discuss your color palette in the next post!

Personal style is one of the greatest ways for someone to express who he or she is. When I see one of my favorite fashion icons sport her streetwear time and time again, I admire the simplicity and act of dressing for herself, not for anyone else.

And that’s how your wardrobe – and attitude – should be. Whether your style is minimal, classic, edgy, boho or a combination of a few styles, it’s personal, right? If you take the time to carefully curate your closet to your preferences and tastes, your closet is already an expression of you.

Here’s the golden rule: Don’t worry about what everyone else is wearing & don’t take yourself too seriously.

Sure, drawing inspiration from others is part of the journey, but be confident in your own skin. Fashion should be exciting and fun!

For a long time, I didn’t know how to describe my personal style because it was constantly evolving. I kept following trends, instead of what I really liked: A classic white-button, a great pair of boyfriend jeans or the perfect white t-shirt.

Now, I define my style as classic with a touch of boho. For every day wear, I love wearing stripes, jeans and neutrals. But when the weekend rolls around or I’m packing for a trip, bohemian dresses and peasant blouses are my go-to.

Can you define your style in a few words? If not, here’s where we begin.

Step one: Step into your closet and immediately pull out 10 of your favorite pieces. They can be a mix of basics and trendy pieces. Take a closer look at what you have. Is there a pattern with the clothes you chose, or is it just mass chaos? Be honest with yourself! This will help you determine what your style is, if you have a specific one at this point.

Step two: Give away the clothes that don’t make sense. Seriously, to create a seamless wardrobe, you have to get rid of the 10 crop tops, 5 pairs of palazzo pants and that printed top you never wore. When you clear the clutter, you can see what your style really is and start from scratch basically.

Step three: Make a wish list. Every spring and fall, I make a wish list for wardrobe updates. It’s the best way to avoid those impulse purchases and buy what you really need. I will put my wish list in another post soon! So, what are you lacking in your spring/summer wardrobe? For me, it’s a pair of boyfriend jeans and the perfect white blouse. These are basics I will wear for years to come. And most of the time, what’s on my list is on there for quite a while. I search and search and buy quality¬†pieces over time.

Step four: Find inspiration. If you’re unsure about what your style is, head over to Pinterest and search for different style ideas. You’d be surprised how many style pins match clothes you already have in your closet! Also, it’s a good idea to make a Pinterest board for your wardrobe inspiration. You can check mine out here.

I love heading to my favorite retailer websites (Anthropologie, Free People, Madewell, Everlane) and looking for style inspo as well!


I hope this gives you some motivation to find your personal style or tweak your style if you are feeling uninspired at the moment! Next week, we’ll dive in to discovering your color palette from season to season.

So, how do you describe your style? Tell me in the comments below!





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