Guest post: Faith & modern dating


Happy Monday, readers! I recently wrote a guest post for Kara at about incorporating faith into your relationship with your spouse or significant other.

I was so excited to write this post because I’m passionate about sharing my perspective on faith in the modern dating world.

Here’s an excerpt:

Dating in the modern world is no easy feat for many of us.

I’ve found myself feeling discouraged relationship after relationship and simply wondering why things just didn’t work out. I would occasionally vent to my mom and friends saying things like, “We didn’t communicate well, He wasn’t ambitious enough, He just wasn’t that into me.”

It possibly wasn’t my fate to be with that person or maybe it was the fact that faith didn’t play a huge role in our relationship.
When I reflect on how I used to viewed love and dating in college, I simply shake my head…

To read the rest of my post, click here.

How do you incorporate faith in your relationships?



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