Five on Friday | Nov. 27


Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Even though I didn’t get to spend Turkey Day with my family this year (I was working), I did come home to a warm plate of leftovers and warm hugs from my mom and dad.

| Good food, good conversations and an amazing family |

I also reminisce of the years past and how much fun it is to see relatives who live out of state and how you can catch up like no time has passed. It really is special and I’m grateful to have such a loving family.

And let’s just talk about this heaping plate of glory—sweet potato casserole, turducken, stuffing and mashed potatoes—it’s enough to put me to bed for 12 hours straight. But man was it worth every bite!


| Favorite new beauty buy |

I recently added this L’Oreal illuminator to my daily beauty routine and absolutely love it and had to share its wonderful secrets. I’ve never used illuminator before, but I’ve read how it can highlight your best features and gives you that dewy, natural look. After you apply foundation, you squeeze a couple of dots to your upper cheekbones, chin and nose and then blend.

It works really well and I’d advise it to anyone that wants to spice up her daily makeup routine. And it’s only about $12 at CVS—a drugstore beauty gem!


| Holiday decorating inspiration |

I am so thrilled to start buying a few holiday decorations this year. Even though I don’t have a mantle (apartment living at its finest), I can still find ways to make my living room warm and merry. I love this Noel collaboration of wood letters and a twig wreath.


| What warmed my heart this week |

This is the first time I’ve done Operation Christmas Child and it will definitely be an annual gift from me to a child who needs it. Sometimes, this is the only gift they receive all year. I chose to send this box to a girl between the ages of 10-14. I packed this box with basic necessities and toiletries, some cute socks and school supplies.

This is a wonderful way to give every holiday season.


| What motivated me this week |

  1. I love typewriters 2. I love how words look on the typewriter. 3. It’s just a weird writer thing I can’t explain.

This quote by author Nick Miller really motivated me to keep that bucket list for safe keeping and to remember that my biggest dream—to travel the world—isn’t out of reach.





  • linda kimmel

    November 27, 2015

    Another great post! I will try the beauty tip, love the Christmas decorating idea and have done the Operation Christmas Child – so fun to do and makes you feel good and gets you in the Christmas mood. I have seen a video when these children receive these boxes and they are so happy and excited it just warms your heart. Thanks again – love ya!

    • Down-Home Damsel

      November 27, 2015

      Thank you!! And I love OCC and will definitely be doing it every year! 🙂


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