Five on Friday | Nov. 13

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Happy Friday fellow bloggers & faithful visitors!

Friday is a day of reassurance for me and to know that the weekend is about to commence! And it’s always a great feeling that I have another week under my belt. I encountered a lot of “happies” this week while shopping, cooking and scrolling through Pinterest. Enjoy!

| Buy of the week: Holiday garland |

OK, if you dare to step in Target right now, don’t bring your debit card. It’s dangerous territory because its Christmas/holiday decorations are so stinkin’ cute! I was dying in there, gazing at the beautiful snow globes and mulled cider and fresh pine scented candles.

Since I’m a Target fan, it was overwhelmingly exciting for me. Needless to say, I bought two things: this awesome geometric garland and a holiday candle. This garland looks like it came straight from Anthrolopolgie, even though I purchased it for $12.99. It was such a steal and it looks great with my apartment decor!

| Decor inspiration: shabby chic |

My dream one day is to own/live forever in a French farmhouse. And if the plan works out, I would love for my living room to have a city vibe mixed with cozy accents such as big, comfy pillows, lots of candles burning and a room bathed in light neutral tones. So this picture is for safe keeping. >>


| Meal worth sharing: White bean kale salad w/ tahini dressing |

Can I just say that I had a wonderful time this past weekend? Weekends aren’t always as magical as we hope they would be, but some live up to the potential. I stayed home last Saturday and cooked my dad’s out-of-this-world sausage and chicken gumbo with French bread and this white bean kale salad. Even though the gumbo would have been scrumptious by itself, I wanted to try a new fall salad. And Minimalist Baker really nailed it with this one. I also visited family in Lousiana and that was really special as well—good food, good wine and good conversation.

I’ve learned that kale must be seasoned and dressed heavily more than other salads to tone down its tough texture. And this salad was SO good with the white beans and tahini dressing. Oh, and the rumors are true—kale does make you glow.

Learn how to make this kale salad here.


| What motivated me this week |


This quote rings so true for my life and you have probably experienced something like this as well. As my mom says, we all have different “seasons” in our lives, some better and more exciting than others. After college, I was really in a transition period where I was trying to find my place in the world. I’m just now starting to feel normal.

It’s funny how life can tumble on you like a brick wall and you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yet as the days go by, you start to notice how that one struggle transformed you and strengthened you into someone better. It’s a revelation of sorts and it’s quite amazing. Anyways, this quote really resonated with me this week and made me reflect on the past six months.

| Favorite new statement shoe |

When it comes to shoes, I mostly stay in my comfort zone of neutral colors and rarely do I step outside of the box. But while I was shopping with my mom one day, I saw these in a Hattiesburg boutique and had to have them. These snakeskin shoes are so chic and versatile to wear with different looks for all seasons. I like to call them my new neutral with a fun twist!

Shoes: Very Volatile by L.A.

What are some your favorite things that you came across this week? Thanks for stopping by everyone!




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