Five on Friday | Jan. 29

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Happy Friday everyone! I’ve been so busy at work lately but am excited about getting back on track with Down Home Damsel. More style tips, delicious healthy recipes and well-being posts to come!

Here’s what I’ve been loving this week:

| Stock the bar party |

My brother’s wedding is just months away and this past weekend, friends of my parents threw a Stock the Bar party for them! The room was filled with close friends, mouthwatering BBQ and whole bunch of wonderful gifts to stock their new bar and grill. In this picture is my brother’s fiancee, Kristen, and I. We had such a great time!


| New book club |

Through my new church in Hattiesburg, I decided to join a growth group. These groups are a great way to connect with new people through Christ. I decided to join a book club on Tuesdays as well as a woman’s Bible study on Sundays.

Gathered around a table with steaming cups of coffee, the four of us met at a small coffee shop downtown on Tuesday. We are all reading “Let’s All Be Brave” by Annie F. Downs. We have only met once so far, but I already feel connected to these great Christian women. I believe God brings people together for a reason. I am so excited to meet every week (and indulge in my coffee addiction), get to know these women better and discuss a book that inspires me to step out of my comfort zone!


| New favorite to-go meal |

Sometimes when I’m in the kitchen, I just concoct new dishes out of whatever is in my pantry and fridge. My tight budget doesn’t allow me to always make elaborate meals. But they are always delicious, no matter what!

I made this meal in a hurry this week and brought it to work for dinner. It’s wheat pasta with basil pesto, diced fire-roasted tomatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, mozzarella cheese and herbs! It was so filling and delicious! Let me know if you would like the recipe!


| Favorite go-to comfort meal |

I also made this delicious chicken meatball orzo soup from one of my favorite food blogs. It makes so much and it’s the ultimate comfort food! You can get the recipe here.


| Favorite style quote |

Wise words from the late Oscar de la Renta.






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