Five on Friday | Jan. 1

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Happy New Year’s Day everyone! I hope last night was fabulous for you. Sadly, I had to work so I ended my night on my couch with a bottle of wine. But alas, the new year still has come and I’m not spending the morning pounding Advil and water.

This past week leading up to the new year has been a great one full of relaxing lunches, shopping in my hometown and opening gifts from Santa. It was memorable Christmas for sure!

Here are the five things I’m loving this week:

| Shopping local: Bodacious Olive |

Downtown Pensacola is truly a gem and if you haven’t gotten the chance to visit, I highly recommend it! It’s filled with eclectic shops and amazing restaurants. One of my favorite places to go is Bodacious Olive. And trust me—it’s as bodacious as it sounds with a plethora of high-quality olive oils, gourmet foods and a kitchen store just a floor away. It’s a foodie’s dreamland. While I was there, I bought some lotion that smells like heaven’s garden and some shaved parmesan because you can never have too much cheese.



| Delicious cuisine at Carmen’s Lunch Bar |

My mom and I were feeling lethargic from all the mimosas and Christmas food, so we settled into this quaint lunch bar in the heart of Palafox Street. We started off with refreshing orange sweet tea and roasted pepper poppers with crab, chorizo and Manchego cheese (divine)! And we ended on a lighter note with a crunchy kale salad and cranberry soda bread.



| Favorite Christmas gifts: unique jewelry |

I’m loving the statement jewelry I received for Christmas and can’t wait to pair it with different pieces in my wardrobe! The bracelet and earrings are from Anthropologie and the necklace is from Zara. One of my January goals is to give away old jewelry I don’t wear and only keep the pieces I love.



| Post Christmas power-lunch bowl |

Other than eating sweets, I’ve been half-detoxing this week from all the heavy, but scrumptious food from Christmas week. I found this recipe on a few weeks ago and decided to try it. And it was so good! This salad is filled with spinach, peas, roasted sweet potatoes, avocado and doused in maple syrup and lime juice. It’s packed with flavor and nutrients. Click here for the recipe.



| Inspiring New Year’s quote |

This quote is a positive message to begin the new year and I aspire to mirror it in the days ahead. Opportunity is everywhere!








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