Five on Friday | Dec. 4


TGIF readers! Hope everyone had a good week. Cooking gives me a lot of joy. Even though I live alone and eat lunch and dinner by myself most times, I still do love whipping up a delicious meal. This week I was on a roll with trying new dishes and they were overwhelmingly successful! I have a lot of leftovers and wish I could share them with you.

| The perfect recipe to bounce back from Thanksgiving | 

After Turkey Day, I was feeling a bit sluggish and was eager to try this recipe with simple, fresh ingredients. Nothing cures the bloated belly better than a plate full of fresh veggies. But this doctored-up version is mixed with fresh pressed garlic, parmesan, basil and Italian parsley. It’s simply divine and roasted beautifully in the oven.

You can find the recipe here from Well Plated.

Veggie bake |


| Making my apartment festive for the holidays |

After Thanksgiving weekend, my mom sent me home with a big box of ornaments, a manger scene and a 6-inch lit Christmas tree (Alberta Spruce, to be specific. And very fake! haha)

I decorated my apartment earlier this week and man, does it feel like winter wonderland!

My mom has been buying a few ornaments at a time over the years and gradually adding to the manger scene until I had the complete set. And it was sure worth it because everything looks wonderful! I’m so thankful I had Christmas decorations to fill my apartment with on my first Christmas month alone!



| Favorite new side dish |

OK, I’ll admit, I get super giddy when I go into specialty grocery stores like Whole Foods and Fresh Market. Everything just smells so good and the produce looks like magical veggie land. Needless to say, I go nuts in there, like a kid in a candy store. And while in Fresh Market, I ooed and ahhed over the WHITE asparagus. I haven’t seen this kind of asparagus where I live in Mississippi, so I was thrilled to take some home for my next side dish.

I steamed the asparagus in a skillet with some yummy lemon herb aioli (from Fresh Market too) and some fresh parsley. White asparagus has a milder flavor than regular asparagus so it’s essential that you doctor it up with some savory sauce. And yes, I felt like a true chef! Haha, imagine that.

White asparagus with lemon herb aioli |



| What made me laugh this week | 

My vice is late-night snacking and so this is my case for why I crave all things salty and sweet during the wee hours of the night!




| Lunch power meal |

Some days before work, I need something warm and hearty to get me through the day. So sometimes I eat breakfast a second time for the day. Here I made brown sugar oatmeal with bananas, dried cranberries, chocolate chips and chia seeds and a whole wheat English muffin with almond butter. I have dubbed it one of my “power” meals when I’m feeling tired and need a natural boost.

“Power” oatmeal with English muffin & almond butter

What were your favorite things this week? Thanks for reading everyone!





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