Favorite things | June 17

Happy Friday

Friday is here, readers! After a long week, I’m excited to head to New Orleans for a concert with my boyfriend, Ashton. We’ll be seeing one of my favorite indie bands, Lord Huron, on Saturday and then spend some time in the city on Sunday.

I promised myself this year that I would spend more on experiences rather than just stuff. So concerts are definitely a good way to implement this! We also just got back from a St. Lucia concert in New Orleans and it was a blast. If you’ve never heard of them, they are an upbeat indie band from L.A. with a huge 80s vibe! “Somebody to Love” is one of my favorite songs by them right now.

Here are the five things I’m crushing on this week:

June Faithbox

Five things Friday | June 17

I was so excited to find this month’s Faithbox in the mail! I received it a couple of weeks ago but still want to share what I found inside.

The box’s theme this month was adventure, and it’s meant to “inspire you to take on a new adventure or overcome whatever may be stopping you from starting a new journey.” – Faithbox Impact Guide 

Inside, there was a Morning Culture Turkish Towel in this beautiful gray color, a Haiti Made Leather #UNASHAMED Bracelet, Everly Drink Mix in pomegranate maqui berry flavor (delicious and natural!), a Faithbox Carabiner Keychain and the Everyday Faith devotional.

Check out my first and second faithboxes here and here.

Shimmery summer sandals 

Five things Friday | June 17

I have been re-doing my sandal collection this summer and couldn’t resist these beautiful sandals from Free People. The only reason I bought them is because the deal was too good to pass up. Bad excuse…I know. The shoes were originally $160 (which I would never pay) and then went on sale for $99. But when Memorial Day weekend rolled around, sale items were an extra 25 percent off. So I got these for a whopping $75! It may still seem like a lot to some, but they are so unique and made really well! They have already paired so well with many of my tops, dresses and skirts for summer.

Favorite chicken taco recipe

Five things Friday | June 17

I found this Jamaican jerk chicken taco recipe on Pinterest and decided to make it for three of my dinners this week. And it totally exceeded my expectations! The spice rub was spicy and delicious and went so well with avocado, cabbage and the easy homemade zesty mayo. I assembled all the ingredients in a to-go container and brought it to work! It’s easily been the highlight of my nights at work.

Favorite new beauty buys 

Happy Friday!

I have been on this new mission to find amazing beauty products at drugstore prices. No longer can I freely spend my money on marked-up, yet glorious Sephora products. I researched on a few websites and found this list where celebrity makeup artists recommend certain drugstore beauty products under $20 that do wonders for your face.

These are the products I decided to buy this week: Milani baked blush in Berry Amore (around $8), L’Oreal brow stylist plumper (around $5) and this Botanics Rosewater organic toning spritz ($8). I found the blush and brow plumper at CVS and the toning spritz at Target. And the makeup artists were right! These products are hidden drugstore gems. The blush gives my face an elegant summer glow, the brow plumper darkens my eyebrows for a sharper look and the toning spritz refreshes my face before moisturizing.

Favorite Devotion

Five things Friday | June 17

Whenever I stumble across a great devotion, I always mark the page to come back to it when I’m feeling discouraged or doubtful. I love the words the author uses to discuss how we, as humans, worry so much about what we cannot control. It’s sinful how we can’t just let things be and let God take the reins. I’ve been struggling a lot with this lately and the bad thing? It’s not really about anything in particular. I’m just worrying to worry because God has blessed me with a good life and my human nature is to be anxious and distracted.

It makes so much sense when it says, “worry is a form of unbelief.” It definitely is because we should trust God with our lives at all times. It’s hard work to not be influenced by the ways of the world! And when we do trust Him fully, we discover this indescribable peace!

Have a great weekend everyone!





  • linda kimmel

    June 17, 2016

    Thanks again Kathryn for a great article. Always something learned, a great take away for everyday life. Inspirational and uplifting! Keep ‘me comin’!

  • Elizabeth Mayberry

    June 17, 2016

    I love this! that Faith box looks fun!


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