My everyday purse essentials

My on-the-go purse essentials

We all have those everyday purse essentials that we carry religiously to the grocery store, the office and our weekend travels. Over time, I have carried different items in my purse. But since I have entered the working world, I have finally put together a list of items that are practical for my everyday use when I’m on the go. For work, I’ll usually carry a tote like this one pictured here or a more structured work bag like my favorite spring Banana Republic leather tote. My bag is usually pretty packed when I’m on my way to work because I’ll throw in a few extra things like my computer charger, a water bottle and a book.

Here are the essentials and odds and ends one can find in stowed in my everyday bag!


Obviously, this is a no-brainer! I carry my wallet everywhere with me and have all my important cards, cash and receipts in there.

Glasses & case

My Dior glasses are with me pretty much 24/7. I don’t wear them all the time, but they are definitely something I can’t live without, especially at work when I’m staring at a computer screen the majority of the time.

Advil, hand sanitizer, mints, hair ties, key fob for work

I love to carry around a mini bottle of Advil for those unexpected headaches during the day and hand sanitizer for easy cleaning on the go. I also carry around things like mints for extra fresh breath and hair ties for those hot days when my hair has a mind of its own. And during the week, I always have to carry my key to get into the office.

Reusable coffee sleeve

I love this eco-friendly coffee sleeve! When I stop by to get some coffee before work, I’ll always use this rather than the paper sleeve. I received in my second Faithbox found here. They are made by women in Kenya, and every design is unique.

Compact mirror

A girl always needs her compact mirror when she’s on the go. I carry mine mostly to check my teeth for, um…unwanted particles of food and what not.

Chapstick, lipstick, Breathe essential oil, mini perfume

I won’t leave my house without Maybelline Baby Lips chapstick and Milani lipstick in Naturally Chic. I also carry around my Breathe essential oil when my allergies are acting up. And of course, I bring some perfume with me, just in case I need to freshen up last minute! This one is Nirvana Black by Elizabeth & James, and it smells heavenly!


I can’t live without these, especially at work! Whether I’m waiting at the doctor’s office or listening to jams at work, these are a must!


These are a no-brainer essential and squinty eyes aren’t pretty eyes, ya’ll.


Another no-brainer…even though I don’t like to admit it, my phone is with me at all times. Since I work in news, you never know when something crazy might happen. Although when I’m at home during the day, the phone usually is out of sight and this also happens at night before I go to bed.

Planner, mini notebook, pen

I would be so scatter-brained without my trusty planner where I write all of my daily and weekly tasks. Every Christmas, I always ask for a design that is cutesy with fun lettering. It also has to be a perfect size, not too big and not too small. I also carry around my mini Kate Spade notebook for jotting down ideas and I keep a running wish list.

What are your everyday purse essentials? Is there anything else I should add to my bag?



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  • I always carry around something to write in too, especially a place to put my to do list! 🙂 I love crossing something off paper instead of deleting it from my phone. Love your planner!


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