Buying beauty products on a budget

Buying beauty products on a budget

Being a girl is hard sometimes, and it also can be expensive. (Guys, you better appreciate us when we look good on date night!) If you’re like me, the last thing I want to spend my hard-earned money on is expensive makeup and beauty products. I want the quality, but don’t want to have to shell out the cash. Luckily, I stumbled on a few online articles that trumped the myth that expensive makeup is always better quality.

Truth be told, there are celebrity makeup artists that swear by certain products and use them on their clients. They said the products were just as good as Sephora and Ulta products. Of course, I was skeptical but decided to give it a shot. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the results, and I’ve been using most of the same products that I discovered months ago. You can read articles similar to this here and here.

When I found products that celeb makeup artists recommended, it really helped me narrow down the rows and rows of choices. Buying makeup can be overwhelming, and it really helps to know which ones are better than others.

Here is my carefully curated list of beauty and makeup products I use almost every day! You can find most of these at either CVS, Walgreens, Walmart or Target.

Buying beauty products on a budget

1. | Sonia Kashuk Radiant Tinted Moisturizer $13.69, Target

This tinted moisturizer is smooth and looks great when applied to my skin. I never used to wear tinted moisturizer, but I love the fact that it has SPF 15 in it. I’ve stopped using primer because this moisturizer stays on all day, and I didn’t really see a difference when I quit using primer. I bought a shade darker than my actual skin so I would get that tinted glow.

2. | Salma Hayek flawless finish liquid foundation $14.99 

Some don’t see the point of foundation anymore. But I think it’s a must to clear up redness and an uneven skin tone, especially if you have fair skin. But one of my faux pas is too much foundation. It is not meant to be caked on, whether a powder or liquid! I use about a pinky-size amount and  apply it with a beauty blender for natural results.

3. | Milani Color Statement lipstick $4.99 

I’ve tried many lipsticks, and I have to agree that I love Chanel and Dior lipstick. But it’s the last thing I want to buy when I’m also thinking about paying the late summer electric bill. Cheaper lipstick is not something I usually go for, but Milani’s matte lipstick is an exception. It goes on so smooth and stays on forever, even when I drink coffee! It also doesn’t leave a lipstick stain on my cup either. The old trick I use is to blot my lips with a tissue after applying the lipstick. Then I take some translucent powder and dab my lips with a brush. My favorite shades are Naturally Chic, Matte Flirty and Matte Kiss.

4. | Salma Hayek Nuance contour & illuminate duo $12.99

So I used to be totally against contouring when it became the latest and greatest. And I also refused to pay a lot for a contouring kit that I would probably never use. The idea of sculpting my face felt fake and well, unnatural.

But when I saw this simple contour and illuminate duo at CVS, I took the opportunity to see what all the fuss was about. And all I have to say is wow! I love how the combination of the two lightens and darkens in all the right places on my face. It looks freaking amazing, but not unnatural! I think the key is to not overdo the contouring and blend well with a contouring brush. I also use a bit of bronzer to even everything out.

5. | Milani baked powder blush in Berry Amore $8.29 

Blush adds a rosy finish to an almost complete look!  This blush gives my cheeks a peachy, dewey glow. Make sure to get a brush specifically for applying blush; it makes a difference!

6. | L’Oreal brow stylist plumper gel $8.99 

I’ve tried a lot of eyebrow tinters out there. Some were too light and some too dark a.k.a made me look scary, not fierce. As a blonde, it’s difficult to find that perfect shade to match your skin tone and hair. I have no complaints from this L’Oreal one. It goes on super smooth and I just blend evenly with an eyebrow brush.

7. | Botanics rosewater toning spritz $8.39, Target 

I’ve recommended this toning spritz to friends and family because well, it’s amazing. I spritz it on my face and neck after cleansing and right before adding my tinted moisturizer. It helps to visibly tighten pores and remove those last traces of makeup. Not to mention it smells amazing and instantly wakes me up in the morning.

8. | Salma Hayek Nuance firming age affirm day & night cream $21.99 

What’s worse than having to use age affirming cream? It’s definitely spending the money on a day and night cream. I love this two-in-one combo with rose petal complex. Since I turned 18, my mom has always told me to start using aging eye and face cream. Even though I’m in my 20s, my mom stressed how important it is. She is in her 50s now and hardly has any wrinkles. Of course, there are other contributing factors such as staying out of the sun, eating healthy and genetics. But, it’s supposed to help tremendously!

Buying beauty products on a budget
The first time I ever contoured! I’m wearing all the products mentioned above and the Milani lipstick in Matte Flirty.

The verdict: I’ve tried many Sephora products before and have loved them, not just what they did to my wallet. $50 foundation? $25 lipstick? No way! I think drugstore products are just as good; don’t believe the hype!

What are some of your budget friendly makeup and beauty products? I would love to try some new ones!




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    September 28, 2016

    You really can find some good dupes, especially at Target!


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