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I celebrated my 23rd birthday over the weekend, and I was almost an Easter baby this year (1 day short)! Scrumptious food, tasty wine and awesome friends and family filled this weekend. It was a much-needed three-day weekend, and I came back to the office feeling refreshed and relaxed.

| Friday |

I spent Friday in the small town of Fairhope, Alabama, where my best friend, Mary, from college, just moved to a couple months ago. Every time I drive through those winding roads dusted with oak trees and storybook homes, I feel relaxed and at peace. Her apartment is nestled on a narrow road right across from the Mobile Bay. She is so lucky!

Yoga in the park near the Fairhope beach!
Yoga in the park near the Fairhope beach!

Mary’s birthday is just five days before mine, so on Friday night, we wanted to celebrate our birthdays together. To kick things off, we did some yoga in the park overlooking the beach. It was amazing and really set the tone for the rest of the night, which included eating amazing pizza, sipping cocktails and forgetting about adult life for a little while.

We picked up our deluxe Greek-style pizza at Ravenite Pizzeria to bring to the Fairhope Brewery. The pizza was warm and gooey, and we inhaled the whole thing while we sipped on our Fairhope 51 pale ale. This brewery makes a lot of the beers in house and I can’t wait to try another one on my next trip. I love catching up with college friends because the conversation truly never ends. Once we finished telling a funny memory from our glory days, another one would pop into our minds. We still can’t believe it’s been almost a year since graduation.

Sinful deluxe Greek-style pizza!
Sinful deluxe Greek-style pizza!


Mary & I at Tongue & Groove
Mary & I at Tongue & Groove

We then paid a visit to this quaint neighborhood bar called Tongue & Groove. It was in downtown Fairhope and if you walked by too fast, you would definitely miss it. Mary and I decided to test out the bar’s specialty cocktails. She ordered a Moscow Mule and I settled for a Dark & Stormy. And what made the drink 10 times better was the copper mugs that came with the cocktail. I have these two mugs in my apartment and still don’t know how to make the drinks. #goals.

We ended the night drinking red wine on the pier and catching up some more!

| Saturday |

One of the first things Mary and I realized about the real world is that sleeping in is almost impossible on a Saturday. We both popped up at 8 a.m., hungry and itching for a warm cup of coffee. It was also officially my birthday, so I wanted to start the day!

Baja breakfast bowl for the health-conscious
Baja breakfast bowl for the health-conscious

We drove across town to Warehouse Bakery & Donuts and feasted on healthy Baja breakfast bowls. It was so savory and delicious, I couldn’t put my fork down. The bowl was filled with roasted sweet potatoes, black beans, sautéed kale, homemade queso, salsa and an easy-over egg. Oh and I can’t forget the delicious in-house brew that I sucked down and the hilarious phone call from boyfriend, Ashton, belting “Happy Birthday.” The day had been off to a great start.

I love all the quaint, eclectic shops in downtown Fairhope.
I love all the quaint, eclectic shops in downtown Fairhope.


I loved the abstract art we found at one shop! I wish I had the funds to buy it, mainly because it showcases my favorite!
I loved this piece abstract art we found at one shop! I wish I had the funds to buy it, mainly because it showcases my favorite thing…wine!

For the remainder of the day, we visited the unique shops in downtown Fairhope. This quaint town is mixed with a hint of nostalgia, but also something magical that makes you want to come back time and time again.

Off to Pensacola…

Decadent pot roast from the one and only Pot Roast & Pinot
Decadent pot roast from the one and only Pot Roast & Pinot

I drove about 45 minutes away to my parent’s home in downtown Pensacola. I love coming home and spending the weekend with them. My family took me out to one of my favorite dining spots in the area, Pot Roast & Pinot. Doesn’t the name just sound yummy? This place used to be an old Huddle House, but it’s been transformed into an upscale diner with plush seats and wine bottles dangling from the ceiling.

We drank a divine bottle of wine and I put away the special pot roast! It’s definitely a heavier dish than I usually go for…but it was my birthday! That’s a good excuse for anything, right? So, I splurged.

The waiter also surprised us with a scrumptious dessert of foie gras ice cream and a goat cheese cake of some sort. If you know what foie gras is (duck liver), then it made for a unorthodox, yet incredibly yummy dessert.

My family gave me some great gifts for my 23rd year. I opened the gifts up to find dainty jewelry, Cabi spring clothes (yay!) and new summer sandals I can’t wait to pair outfits with.


Later that night, my mom and I continued the tradition of dying Easter eggs. It’s always a must and I love having an extra supply of boiled eggs in the fridge.

| Sunday |

After church on Sunday, our whole family came to our house for a brunch/birthday celebration. We chowed down on some sausage, breakfast casseroles, fruit and mimosas. And we didn’t forget the cake—the sweet strawberry cake with whipped frosting.

My mom and I celebrating Easter with the family.
My mom and I celebrating Easter with the family.

As I reflect on the weekend, my 23rd birthday was very low-key, but I’m grateful for good friends and family who are along the journey with me.

How was your Easter weekend? Did you go on any unexpected adventures? I would love to hear in the comments below! Thanks for reading!





  • Sarah

    July 20, 2016

    I have a few friends from Fairhope. I went to Alabama myself so the state is near and dear to my heart. Loved reading about your birthday weekend – even if it was a few months late 😉


    • Kathryn

      July 21, 2016

      That’s awesome! I can’t wait to visit again, definitely one of my favorite southern cities! Thanks for reading 🙂
      xoxo – Kathryn


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