Auditing your closet: Part III


Congrats, you’ve made it to the other side! Hopefully, you have cleaned out your closet and are now ready to sort and give away those unwanted clothes (before you decide you want them back, haha.) I hope your audit was a successful one and that my advice helped push you through the roadblocks of closet cleansing!

If you are just jumping into this series, make sure to go back and read parts one and two.

| After the audit |

Now it’s time to dump those clothes, shoes and accessories that you finally decided to part with. For me, I will usually sort my items into donation, consignment or give to friends.

Giving away ideas


For items that are in good condition, but were not necessarily expensive or high quality, I will donate them to a local Salvation army, Goodwill or a thrift store. This is a great way to help out your local community. And always remember that your unwanted items are someone else’s treasures!


But how about the items that were ridiculously expensive or that Marc Jacobs dress that still has the tag on it? I opt to making a little extra cash off my items, (hey, it helps pay the cable bill) and consignment stores are becoming more convenient, since a lot of them have gone digital.

I sent my excellent, high quality clothes to Thred Up, a site that sends you two big polka dot bags (see above) and you place your freshly laundered clothes in the bag and return them through FedEx at no cost! It takes about a month to process your items (so don’t expect immediate cash) and then they give you an estimated cashback total that you can either cash out through Paypal or spend in its online consignment store.

Thred Up is pretty choosy about clothing and only takes specific brands, so make sure you read the fine print and send only the recommended clothing. There is also your local consignment stories that can do this faster, but I like the no fuss of bringing the items somewhere.

Supporting a friend’s wardrobe: 

I also set a few things aside for my good friends. Since a lot of my friends wear a similar size as me, it’s fun to give them cute items to add to their wardrobes. Another fun idea is to have a clothing swap with friends and make it a fun occasion. Everyone can meet at a friend’s house and brings snacks (and possibly a bottle of wine) and trades clothing and accessories. It’s a good time and it’s free! No buyer’s remorse at this makeshift boutique!

Things not to do after the audit:

When you’re are finished cleaning out your closet, set a deadline for yourself to get those unwanted items out of your home as fast as you can. This is important because you can find yourself rummaging through the items from time to time.

“Oh, you know what? I totally need this top…I don’t know why I got rid of it. And those shoes…yeah, they really aren’t that comfortable, but they pair so well with this one dress…” OK, don’t be this person!

The more you stare at the pile, the more you want to return items to your closet. So give yourself a week or two to donate items, send them off to consignment or pack a bag for your friends!

Next week, I will publish part of 4 this series! It will talk about how you can view your wardrobe in a fresh, new way and how you can find new outfit pairings.

Have a great week everyone and happy sorting!




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