Auditing your closet: Part I

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Sometime or another, all of us have had that breaking point where we realize that we have too much stuff. Our clothes hangers are jammed to the point where we can’t see anything and our shoes form a haunting pile in our closet. It’s a stressful way to live and makes getting dressed every day dreadful. We need to free ourselves from this madness our consumer-driven society has sucked us into. We can live with less clothes, shoes and accessories and still be a fashionista. We are better than our stuff.

My mom and I are living proof of this!

This auditing your closet guide will be split into three parts. So grab a cup of coffee or tea (or glass of wine, you might need it) and open your mind to the possibilities of a clean, organized closet.

| Before you audit |

Time is of the essence. 

Look at your upcoming schedule and devote half a day or a full day to auditing your closet. If the idea of being surrounded by heaping piles of clothes freaks you out, split it into two days. Setting a date and time for your audit is important because if you don’t schedule it, you probably will always find something better to do, am I right ladies?

Assess your personal style.

In three words, could you describe your personal style? If not, scroll through Pinterest or flip through some fashion magazines to find what appeals most to you. Are you more classic and feminine, boho and edgy or minimialist chic? Discovering your personal style doesn’t happen overnight. But it’s good to know what you like so the next time you do buy a special item or staple piece, you’re not wearing blinders.

Be realistic with lifestyle changes. 

Are you a stay-at-home mom or work from home? Do you work in a coporate environment? How do you spend your time-off? It’s important to have clothes that match your specific lifestyle. For instance, do you really think you’ll wear all those work trousers and silk blouses if you work from home as a freelance writer? Keep a few of your favorites, but donate the rest.

Being comfortable, confident is key. 

What do you feel most beautiful in? Maybe you feel extra confident in those fitted jeans or that tailored blazer. Whichever parts of your body you do feel good about, flaunt them! For me, I love flowy pieces such a maxi dress or long tunic, but I also like to wear structured pieces such a great black blazer or skinny jeans. This also helps you when you shop in the future. You won’t come home from a day of shopping and wonder why you bought something that was too tight or uncomfortable just because it was cute. We’re all guilty of that.

| Parting words |

Giving away clothes, shoes and accesssories we’ve had for years is hard! No one said it was going to be easy, but the amazing results are worth the trying on, giving away and starting fresh. You can step into your closet with a clear mind and truly put together so many outfit options you never thought were possible!

Prepare yourself for “part two” next week when the audit begins!







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