5 ways to boost your mood in the morning


Have you ever heard that a yawn is a silent scream for coffee?

Imagine this. HA! You would probably have drank five coffees before your morning commute. But let’s get back to reality—mornings are hard for many of us and often it’s a blur of go-to breakfasts, wrinkled shirts and sleepy eyes. Other than Saturday or Sunday, do we take the time to really enjoy the daybreak before the day actually begins for us?

The majority of us probably don’t. I have to confess that I’m not a morning person, but I’ve learned to savor each and every morning before work. And I can really do that because I work from afternoon to night, Monday through Friday. You could also share this same schedule and be a college student with mid-morning classes or a freelance writer that can work any time of the day. Or you could have three kids and a 9-to-5 job and well, god bless you. But you still deserve time for yourself!

Whatever your schedule is, it’s time to make your weekday mornings count. Whether you have 30 extra minutes or three hours, here are five things that can make your morning a little brighter. 

Flickr Creative Commons
Flickr Creative Commons
  1. Wake your body up with nutrients.

We all like our eggs and bacon, but it’s good to change it up some days and eat a nutrient-packed breakfast that will leave you feeling full until your lunch break. Not only are these good for you, they are creative and simple to whip up.

Here are some a few suggestions:

  • Lauren Conrad’s early to rise smoothie. This yummy treat is packed with coffee, almond milk and protein powder, which are great ingredients to energize your morning. The sleepy time soothing cinnamon milk is also great to drink before you get some zzz’s.
  • No hassle overnight oats. I make these oats about three times a week and they are such a time saver! Just mix the ingredients and pop in the fridge the night before and you have a breakfast full of goodies awaiting you in the morning. And let’s not forget to mention all the flavor combinations you can make with these…peanut butter, cheesecake, blueberry and the list goes on. You can find more of these recipes on Pinterest.
  • Avocado toast. A breakfast packed with protein that fuels your body to tackle the day ahead.
  • Sweet potato pancakes. Three ingredients: eggs, peanut butter and a sweet potato. That’s all you need to make these fluffy pancakes that will satisfy your normal buttermilk pancakes craving.
Flickr Creative Commons
Flickr Creative Commons

   2.  Be kind to your body, clear your mind.

Some days we are just too tired to lift weights at the gym or go for a jog, and that’s OK. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your body is rest and let those negative thoughts slip away. On the days I’m feeling fatigued, I wake up and do a gentle morning yoga sequence or take a brisk walk outside. It really makes a difference in my mood and lets me set a positive intention for the day ahead.

Flickr Creative Commons
Flickr Creative Commons

    3. Savor the quiet moments, read something inspirational 

Before you even glance at your mile-long to-do list, read a chapter of your favorite book or daily devotion. For some of us, it’s hard to imagine being still for more than a minute. So much of our day is taken away from being on our phone, scrolling through our newsfeeds and uploading Instagram photos. Social media can take over our lives if we’re not careful. So take that sacred time in the morning to quiet your mind and read something you enjoy.

Flickr Creative Commons
Flickr Creative Commons

   4. Plan your weekday wardrobe ahead of time

Do you get flustered while trying to get dressed in the morning? I used to be the same way until I decided to do something different. Every Sunday night, I make some hot tea, look into my closet and conquer the outfit war! I plan my five outfits for work and hang them all up together. So in the morning, I don’t have to think about what I’m wearing because I know I will look put together.

Trust me, this strategy is such a time saver! I also have a tendency to wear my favorite blouse or dress over and over again. So when I plan my work looks in advance, I try to wear items I haven’t worn in awhile. If you’re like me, it makes a big difference because I will slip on outfit after outfit until I find the right one. It’s ridiculous, so plan ahead!

Flickr Creative Commons
Flickr Creative Commons

   5. Tidy up and come home to a clean space

This makes a HUGE difference. Clean your space. Make your bed. Clear off your kitchen table stacked with junk mail, receipts and coupons. Make your space a serene place to live in. Nothing is worse than coming home to, or waking up to dirty dishes or a cluttered desk. For me, when things at home are in order, I feel centered and focused and cleaning is a huge stress reliever for me. If you tidy up a little bit every day, it doesn’t seem like a huge undertaking when the weekend rolls around.

These suggestions really have made a difference in my daily morning routine and I hope they benefit you as well. How do you make your mornings beautiful? Leave a comment below! Make sure to follow me and share on Pinterest. I appreciate all the support. 🙂





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