4 statement necklaces every woman should own

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DownHomeDamsel.com | Photos from Pinterest

A wise fashion icon once said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove an accessory.” While Coco Chanel’s words are highly regarded, statement necklaces do not carry the same weight. No pun intended. (Some of my necklaces probably add two or three pounds to me.) Ha!

Statement necklaces stand on their own and can easily dress up a simple silhouette whether you are sporting a relaxed button-down or a silk blouse. When you put on a necklace like this, its purpose is clear—to make a statement. So keep other accessories minimal.

Here are four statement necklaces every woman should add to their jewelry collection:

1 | Eclectic statement necklace

Everyone needs a necklace that is dubbed the “conversation piece.” It’s the necklace that’s a work of art and one that makes your wardrobe pop. Choose one that you’re inspired by such as pieces made of metal, stones, shells, etc.


2 | Neutral statement necklace 

Need I say versatile? Whether the chain is gold, white, silver or black, this necklace is a go-to piece for any ensemble or a way to balance a bright-colored top or pants.


3 | Colorful statement necklace

This type of statement necklace really is an expression of your personality. You can go crazy with multi-colored pastel colors or keep it simple with a pop of lemon or red. Wear this with a neutral palette such as a light denim shirt with dark jeans.


4 | Bold pendant statement necklace 

Pendants are my favorite type of statement piece! I love the stonework and intricate detail on some and the geometric shapes and brushed gold on others. There’s just something really chic and effortless about pairing an oversized tee with a large pendant necklace.



Remember, jewelry is an accessory that you can wear year-round. So when you’re having one of those days where nothing is looking fabulous, throw on some jeans, a white T-shirt and jazz it up with a statement necklace.

And if you’re unsure about spending a lot of money to add to your statement collection, no worries! Here are some great places to find beautiful statement necklaces for a fraction of the price compared to ones sold at J. Crew or Anthropologie.





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