3 reasons to practice yoga daily


Breathe in, breathe out.

While seated in a cross-legged position on my mat, this is my favorite part of the day. Practicing yoga has done so much for my life mentally and physically. If you have not rolled out a mat yet, I’d say go for it.

Research and studies have shown that practicing yoga has numerous benefits for the body and your overall health. And they’re not making this up—yoga is life-altering in a gradual way. The more you practice, the more you notice bad habits slipping away. Craving fatty, sugary foods becomes an afterthought and tossing and turning before bed becomes a rarity. It’s an exercise with the best of both worlds: a way to strengthen both the body and the mind.

In fact, it’s been proven that yoga keeps people more in tune with their bodies, according to the Yoga Health Foundation. In turn, this makes them aware of bad habits such as stress-eating or depression.

Here are three reasons to roll out the mat and take a vinyasa.

1. Yoga’s powerful health benefits

Yoga’s ability to do so many things for the body is almost mind-blowing. It’s aided people with chronic back pain, depression, diabetes, menopause, asthma, obesity, heart disease and different types of cancer. Does that make you want to jump on the mat? It’s make me want to do another session right now. A lot more doctors should take note of this powerful exercise. Not only can it strengthen our bodies and minds, it can also prolong our life immensely.

2. A calm heart, a calm mind

I had absolutely no idea what this meant until I began yoga. It’s actually a mantra I have created for myself and a reason to live with purpose every day. Yoga is a time for yourself and a time to fully connect to your inner self. I know it sounds silly, but it is so real. It essentially calms you and changes your perspective on life. For most of us, we are always on the move and seldom take the time to relax every day.  Yoga made me realize that relaxing 30 minutes every day for myself and my health is perfectly OK. I find myself less stressed and more energetic throughout the day. My mind isn’t cluttered with so many things and I can focus on the task at hand at work. Check out the other mental benefits here in a study done by the Harvard Medical School.

3. Time isn’t a factor

Yoga doesn’t have a time limit. If you have 10 minutes on your lunch break to sit down, practice breathing and connect, that can be enough. Or the next day, you switch it up and practice 30 minutes. The options are truly endless and you don’t have to dread about running on the treadmill every day after work.

Recommendation: I have been on a 30-day yoga kick with Yoga with Adriene. She is a yogi out of Austin, Texas, and she is so down-to-earth and really inspirational. All of her videos are free on her website or YouTube. I suggest checking out her page here and trying 30 Days of Yoga. 

Namaste everyone!



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