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December 2016

What I eat in a day {Winter edition} + signing off until January

What I eat in a day {Winter edition}

For some reason, the internet world has a crazy fascination with what people eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I mean, I’m guilty of it, and have probably spent hours watching “What I eat in A Day” videos on YouTube. But it makes sense! I love seeing what others around the world are eating and it gives me good ideas for future meals.

As the air gets cooler, my tastebuds naturally crave heartier foods. But that doesn’t mean it has to be unhealthy! So here is what I typically eat in a day during the fall/winter months.

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Monday Inspo: Christmas is a time for celebration, renewal


Today, I believe the true meaning of Christmas is somewhat diluted. And my motivation for this dreary Monday is to open our eyes to the real meaning and not be swayed by the world’s patterns.

Christmas has become a season of who can get the best deals, a season of overindulgence and a season that runs people to the point of exhaustion.

But wait, where did Jesus go? 

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Autumn leaves in B-Ham + stylish fall look

Autumn leaves in B-Ham + stylish fall look

The one thing in Birmingham that left me awestruck was the leaves. Reds, oranges, yellows and pinks littered the street when we arrived to our Air BnB apartment. It was the perfect opening ceremony to a memorable weekend. It’s the second day of December, and I’m still dreaming of the fall leaves.

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