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February 2016

Auditing your closet: Part II





Now that you have assessed your personal style and found out what kind of items make sense with your lifestyle, it’s time to step into that overstuffed closet and purge, purge, purge! So grab the best-looking mirror you have and maybe an honest friend or family member to get you through these few uninterrupted hours of cleansing.

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Five on Friday | Feb. 19


Happy weekend lovely readers! I’m headed to Florida this weekend to see my family and attend Kristen’s bridal shower. I can’t believe my brother’s wedding is less than two months away. So many events are coming up that I have been waiting so long for!

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Auditing your closet: Part I

IMG_9199 copy

Sometime or another, all of us have had that breaking point where we realize that we have too much stuff. Our clothes hangers are jammed to the point where we can’t see anything and our shoes form a haunting pile in our closet. It’s a stressful way to live and makes getting dressed every day dreadful. We need to free ourselves from this madness our consumer-driven society has sucked us into. We can live with less clothes, shoes and accessories and still be a fashionista. We are better than our stuff.

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