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November 2015

Five on Friday | Nov. 27


Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Even though I didn’t get to spend Turkey Day with my family this year (I was working), I did come home to a warm plate of leftovers and warm hugs from my mom and dad.

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Brussel sprouts with parmesan cream sauce


Who detests Brussel sprouts? *Majority raises their hands*

I get it, Brussel sprouts are the black sheep of the vegetable herd and a lot of us try to avoid them at all costs. They’re smelly, they have a strange texture and they’re slightly bitter. In a way, I feel bad for the poor fellas. But the new recipe in Southern Living magazine is a revelation!

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Five on Friday | Nov. 13

fiveonfriday copy 3

Happy Friday fellow bloggers & faithful visitors!

Friday is a day of reassurance for me and to know that the weekend is about to commence! And it’s always a great feeling that I have another week under my belt. I encountered a lot of “happies” this week while shopping, cooking and scrolling through Pinterest. Enjoy!

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