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October 2015

Baked salmon and feta asparagus salad


I spent the weekend at home with my parents and it definitely helped me hit the refresh button! We spent Saturday watching football and eating all day long, or as we put it, “grazing.” So when my dad made a trip to the hunting camp, my mom and I wanted to cook something healthy for dinner to start the week off right.

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How to style a navy blue dress

I’m a lover of dresses, whether they are long, short or knee-length. I adore the simplicity of them and how some classic dress shapes are timeless. And when autumn arrives, I get super giddy about tights, dresses and boots just like cinnamon-flavored anything and inspiring football movies.

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How to style gold jeans

If any piece in your closet is the epitome of the “art of dressing up,” it’s the colored jean. It’s a warm color on an artist’s palette that is just waiting to be paired with other eye-catching hues.Colored jeans, whether they are red, gold, gray or patterned, are a splendid way to make your fall wardrobe shine.

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Mrs. Patrice’s tasty homemade pasta sauce

Say goodbye to store-bought pasta sauces! This recipe has just converted me, seriously. So during a Saturday football get-together at my parent’s house, my mom’s good friend, Mrs. Patrice, and I began talking about our easy go-to meals during the week. When she mentioned homemade pasta sauce, my eyes immediately lit up. I had been searching for a hearty, homemade sauce that didn’t pack a lot of hidden ingredients and fat.

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2015 fall trends I love


The runway shows for fall 2015 were looking fierce with interesting new trends to inspire us to spice up our work and play wardrobes. Although I’m not a fan of following trends season to season, I do enjoy incorporating some new trends into my wardrobe.

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