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July 2015

A little bit about me

Me in Paris almost three years ago! I studied abroad for a summer and it was life-changing!

Hey everyone! First off, thanks so much for visiting my blog. If you love style, food and being healthy, then you have come to the right place. Down-Home Damsel is a blog that focuses on many different things but has a unifying message: to stay balanced.

Lord, life is hard sometimes and it’s easy to lose that motivation and focus on what moves us closer to our dreams and achieving long-term goals! It’s hard to pick up the pieces when something tragic or life-altering happens. Or even when the smallest annoyances add up and we want to pull our hair out. I believe the most important thing to remember is to stay centered and focus on what’s important in our lives.


Me in a nutshell: 

So far, I have lived in the Deep South where the food is heavy, you sweat constantly and the hospitality is anything but a cliche. (People are actually wonderful down here!) I live in Mississippi, but I grew up in a beautiful beach town in Florida. I travel back and forth frequently to see my family and my brother’s massive English lab, Hobbes. And yes, I’m a Southern girl through and through. But I could easily pack my bags and head elsewhere—preferably the East Coast or Paris.

I’m a fan of all things food. I will literally taste anything that looks appetizing. I love reading books on my days off, waking up and practicing yoga, making up recipes and I will argue about the uselessness of the oxford comma all day long.

With that being said, I went to school in Mississippi for print journalism, but ended up being employed at a TV station’s digital department shortly after. And here I am, months later, living on my own and figuring out how to cook for one person and how to master my biggest phobia: killing bugs. (Yuck.) I’ve figured out quickly that in your early 20s, it’s easy to wander and feel lost in the big wide world.

I make an effort every day to feel connected to this crazy world and live each day with purpose. And this blog has a lot to do with my purpose! Every day may not be life-changing, but little, simple moments can be that gateway to happiness.