20 delicious Instagram accounts for foodies

Whether you cook every day or just love gazing at a gorgeous smoothie bowl or a heaping plate of sauteed veggies, these are some awesome Instagram accounts for the food-obsessed. So go forth & follow them, readers!

I’m a foodie by nature. The smell of bakery items and fresh ground coffee instantly lifts my mood. I smile just at the thought of a quinoa bowl overflowing with avocado, black beans, sweet potatoes and a yummy homemade dressing. My heart starts beating faster when I see fresh bunches of kale and shiny bell peppers.

I’m also slightly Instagram obsessed, and there’s no better place on social media where food bloggers showcase their works of food art. Everything looks so delicious that you either a) embrace the food porn and get creative with your own dishes OR b) realize your food will never look like that and go weep in a bowl of Ben & Jerry’s. No shame, I’ve done both.

Whether you cook every day or just love gazing at a gorgeous smoothie bowl or a heaping plate of sauteed veggies, these are some awesome Instagram accounts for the food-obsessed. So go forth & follow them, readers!



Account composed of witty captions and eye-catching photos that are guaranteed to make your stomach rumble.


Amy of Clap4food is smoothie-bowl obsessed and has delicious photos of breakfast dishes that would convert any non-breakfast eater.


Lifestyle blogger from Texas with a love for plant-based food and grocery shopping selfies of beautiful fruits and vegetables.



UK-based food blogger, toast enthusiast and has an obsession for all things green: avocado, cucumber, zucchini, spinach, asparagus, you name it.


No more sad salads! Selfie Salads has got you covered with every crunchy, sweet, salty and savory bowl of greens you can imagine.


Gabby of the Curly Cucumber is a breakfast enthusiast and avid magazine reader. Her shots of breakfast dishes while reading Travel & Leisure are on point.


Emily of Sweet Potato Sneakers is a certified physician assistant in North Carolina. Her healthy packed lunches and raw juice drinks are definitely insta-worthy.


Sarah Fennel’s Insta is littered with breads, desserts and other sweets that will make you salivate. She writes that her indulgence is at 350°.


Erin of Well Plated: “Fearlessly dedicated to making healthy food taste incredible.” Wise words, I must say! I’ve tried her tomato eggplant zucchini bake and it’s scrumptious.



Melbourne-based blogger Melanie is a queen of nutrition and food styling. Her food photos are to die for.


Food blogger & editor of the Feed Feed. The marble backdrop for her pictures is stunning and if it’s her kitchen counter, she needs to post pictures of her whole kitchen on Instagram.


Rachael is a dietetic intern in the U.S. and loves to eat clean. I instantly fell in love with her pumpkin spice protein waffles.


Sweden-based blogger who’s a raw food chef and cookbook author! Check out her “fruit for dinner” post.


Emma is a UK blogger and is proof that plant-based food is anything but boring. The moment I saw her post about falafel and millet tabbouleh with a lemon tahini sauce I was instantly hooked.



One of my all-time favorite food bloggers! Lindsay Ostrom of Pinch of Yum has the most delicious, easy recipes. I try at least five of her recipes per month. I’m dying to try her marinated kale and chicken quinoa bowls with avocado and sun-dried tomato sauce! Check out the blog here.


Another one of my favorite food bloggers. Cooking Classy has an Instagram feed filled with everything from entrees to desserts to bite-size appetizers. I’m currently eating its cilantro lime rice recipe this week. It’s amazing!


Food blogger Lex is all about balance and her food Insta photos surely show it! Loving the occasional donut thrown in between all the power bowls and avocado toasts.


Jennifer is a sweets fanatic and everything on her Insta feed is made from scratch! Can you send me an invite to wherever you are catering to next?



Tieghan’s Insta food pics are a masterpiece. Why isn’t she working for Southern Living or Bon Appetit? Beats me. Her Crudites platter is a work of art.


Key lime pie popsicles, potato pizza, salted chocolate chunk cookies?! Feast your eyes on this delectable Insta account and you’ll never run out of recipes again.

Do you have any Instagram food accounts that you love? List them in the comments below! Also, make so sure to subscribe to my blog if you haven’t yet!





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