10 things on my fall wishlist

10 things on my fall wishlist

Thursday is the first day of fall, and I’ve been ready for it since last week! I couldn’t resist the adorable autumn hand towels and the fall scented candles in Target. The leaves are starting to change color, and even though it’s still hot in Mississippi, I can feel the cool air coming! September is a weird month here. I’m over wearing shorts and sundresses but it’s still too warm to wear sweaters and boots. Time to pull out the transition pieces.

During the past few weeks, I’ve been writing down some items that have really caught my eye for fall. I want a few things that will really spice up my wardrobe for the season ahead.

Here are 10 things I currently have on my fall wish list!

Stylish mod handbag

Sixties-inspired clothing, handbags and shoes are making a comeback this fall. If I’m buying a trendy piece, I want something that can be a timeless accessory. My new philosophy with trends is I want to be able to wear a piece for years to come…not just toss in the giveaway bag a year later. This is one of the reasons why my style is gearing more toward classic silhouettes and colors. I define a mod handbag as a satchel with modern finishes like this one and this one.

Long, lightweight cardigan

Lightweight cardigans are great for transitional weather. In the South, we still have about another month of summer yet I want to wear some fall-ish pieces! When it becomes cooler, I can add a vest over the cardigan or a long sleeve tee underneath. Brownie points for layering!

Long cardigans I’m loving: H&M ankle-length cardigan in beige, H&M long knit cardigan in gray

Flat loafers

I’m really loving the “borrowed from the boys” trend. Loafers is the go-to flat this fall season, and I already purchased these gorgeous patent heeled loafers from DSW a couple of weeks ago. A casual pair in suede or leather would be perfect to wear with jeans and a sweater. Currently loving these here and here.

Sixties-inspired pants

What I have to say about these pants is an understatement. I’m really stepping out of my comfort zone this season and wearing new colors and patterns in ways I never would before. I love Cabi’s fall 2016 Windowpane Trousers. They are the same fit and style as the Rhubarb Trouser seen in one of my latest posts. The checked pattern is a classic pattern that can be worn from season to season. Whether dressed up or down, these are definitely some “wow” pants.

Luxe loungewear

When I’m typing away at my computer or reading a book in bed, I’m usually just in shorts and a T-shirt. While there is nothing wrong with this, I savor my quiet time. Since I’m past college the Nike shorts and T-shirts phase, I want to spend my hard-earned money on nicer things. Luxe loungewear is those incredibly soft pants and tops that you never want to to take off and wear around the house the entire morning.

Comfy loungewear/PJs I’m loving: Soma PJ set, Cabi Trek Jogger

Long necklaces

Necklaces are my favorite accessory by far. I always gravitate toward long pendants with interesting stones or geometrics. Statement necklaces used to be an obsession of mine. I still have a few for special occasions or dressing up the occasional T-shirt. But now I love the simplicity of long necklaces and how they pair with every outfit. Currently eyeing a druzy necklace on Etsy, this layered necklace from Lulu’s and Cabi’s Zelda necklace.

Classic black & white striped tee

After reassessing my closet (and my shopping habits), I’m wanting to redo my basic pieces and invest in some well-made ones. One of the those is the classic black & white striped tee. I’m loving this other variation of this classic such as the gray and white striped tee. I already own a navy & white striped tee from Cabi’s spring 2016 collection here.

Everlane, a website I fallen in love with recently, sells luxury basics for great prices such as here and here. I love their principles and how they care about their factories and how the clothes are made. They show you their price and then the retail price (or markup price). It’s a wonderful, refreshing principle!

The timeless trench

I have to admit, I’ve never owned a trench coat. Since I grew up in Florida, the classic trench didn’t seem like something I needed to have, but always looked so chic on Pinterest. And I didn’t want to go and drop $500 either. But now that my style is gearing toward more timeless silhouettes, I’ve found a new appreciation for the beloved city coat. I’ve decided to donate all of my old coats that no longer fit me and stick to one or two timeless pieces that will stand from season to season.

I’ve been eyeing these two different styles on Everlane: Swing Trench, The Everlane Trench

Cast-iron pan 

As many of you may know, cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. I rarely update my kitchen essentials, but I want to invest in a good cast-iron pan. It’s a versatile pan that I could cook pretty much anything in it. I also love that one can “season” the pan to make it last for a lifetime.

I’m loving this one here on Amazon for an awesome price!

 Curling wand

I’ve been a short-hair girl for about a year now. The past 22 of my life, my hair was long. Now I’m trying to find new ways to style my short locks. I currently have a curling wand, but it’s on its last leg and is a larger barrel than I need. I want a wand with a smaller barrel to create softer waves and give it an overall more natural look. I’m looking to buy this one on Amazon.

What are some things on your fall wishlist?




  • Nicole

    September 23, 2016

    I love this wishlist 🙂 I also need a curling wand! I have actually never had one before and I’m in desperate need.

    I can’t wait to check out some of these items on your wishlist! I just started following your blog on bloglovin and I’m obsessed! I would love a follow back<3

    xo Nicole

    • Kathryn

      September 26, 2016

      Hi Nicole! Thanks so much for the follow. Curling wands are a life saver, and I like them so much better than a regular curling iron. Just followed you on Bloglovin’ 🙂


  • GlassesShop

    February 27, 2017

    Absolutely love this post


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